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Swiss Biology Olympiad
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Switzerland and the IBO

Switzerland and the International Scientific Olympiads

Since 1987, Swiss secondary students are participating in International Scientific Olympiads, with the first students entering the International Biology Olympiad in 1999. Swiss delegations also compete in the Olympic disciplines chemistry, informatics, mathematics, philosophy and physics.

Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads ASSO

The ASSO represents all Swiss associations who organize the National Olympiads of their disciplines. The ASSO provides superordinate services such as fundraising, public relations, organization of events, administrative tasks and information exchange between all member associations. The offices of the ASSO are located at the University of Bern.

Association ibo|suisse

The association ibo|suisse, being part of the ASSO, organizes the National Biology Olympiads for Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein. Highly committed and dedicated volunteers – mainly former participants, students and PhD students – work for ibo|suisse.

Schedule of the Swiss Biology Olympiad SBO


Jul. 8-15

23rd International Biology Olympiad in Singapore

Aug. / Sep.

1st round of the SBO

Nov. 17

Swiss Scientific Olympiads Day


Jan. 26

2nd round of the SBO

Apr. 2-7

SBO Week (3rd and last round of the SBO)

Apr. 7

SBO Day – on which the winners and hence participants of the IBO 2013 are announced

Jul. 14-21

24th International Biology Olympiad in Bern

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